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Beauty Queens - Libba Bray
Libba Bray's Beauty Queens was an amazing and hilarious book that I absolutely devoured. It not only lived up to all my expectations but, surprisingly, exceeded them. While I can't exactly say that its humor was my favorite aspect, it was definitely one of the best. 

The sharp and witty satirical humor that satirized reality shows, commercials, and the modern consumeristic world kept the book alive and also helped the book stay on the right side of the hair-thin line between "awesome messages" and "cheesy & preachy".

Well, almost kept the book on the right side.

For the most part, Beauty Queens was able to convey a really damn awesome message about how it's cool to be you without sounding like forced or boring. And that's cool. I like messages that aren't shoved up your orifices like in this book.

Many of the messages were very cleverly woven into the story but others kind of popped out at you like 

A few of them (and by few I really mean like one or two) were not only heavily laid on us but were actually said a loud like "Blehbleh McBlehBlergh finally realized that every1 was created equally and love and peace bros."

Without the wonderful characters, I'm sure that I would have dropped the book because the plot and world building aren't that interesting really. The plot revolves around the girls trying to survive and finding out that there's something more to the Corporation than it seems. 

Pretty standard plot to be honest. There wasn't anything that screamed different to me when it came to the plot. 

The world building was horrible. There wasn't any. I knew nothing about the world or the year or anything. The ending left a lot of questions unanswered. It was very obvious that the author paid the most attention to the characters and left lots of holes in the rest of the book.

The characters were the best part, hands down. I don't think anyone can argue with me about that. The characters are really the only thing other than the humor that was actually given much thought. 

Beauty Queen's wide range of characters makes the book interesting. Each character is given a few chapters in their POV so you get to know them. There aren't any "empty" characters and everyone has their own, developed personality.

What I love the most about the characters has to be the diversity, not just in personality, but also in ethnicity and sexuality. This book has everything under the rainbow (omg get it i'm so smart). 

The diverse and awesome characters truly make Beauty Queens special. It's not otherwise brilliant. Even with it's numerous faults, I would still recommend Beauty Queens simply for its characters and often really funny humor.