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Nantucket Blue - Leila Howland

I really don't know what to think of this book. While I did like it to an extent, I didn't love it or feel anything remotely near "love". In the end, the book left a bittersweet taste in my mouth for a few reasons. NANTUCKET BLUE feels like two books. There's the cute summer job story with really nice characters and an overall fun feeling. This part is my favorite. It's an extremely fluffy thing - something that I usually wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

And then there's the angsty side of the book with the asshole of a love interest. As you can guess, this part of the book and I are notfriends in the slightest. 

The book is about a girl named Cricket (her parents obviously hated her) who is an insensitive bitch an all American girl withlifeless party animals for best friends all American best friends living in a rich person house an all American white picket fence house. 

Cricket is invited to Nantucket by Jules, her best friend. Cricket freaks out, as one should, because she gets to spend the entire book at a beautiful island. Everyone is happy and chirpy (haha, chirpy Cricket)

And then Cricket's best friend's, Jules, mother died in a freak accident. 

My problem with this isn't the fact that this obviously means sadness and angst. No, my problem was that Cricket, because she's a bitch, kept asking Jules whose mother just DIED if they were still going to Nantucket. 

Is this really the time, bitch? Jules is GRIEVING and you're asking her if you can go to a resort? I honestly don't know what was going through Cricket's head right then. I'd be alright if this was the only place where Cricket was so single minded and self absorbed. I wouldn't be happy, but I'd be okay.

It wasn't the only time however. It became bearable once I put myself into the right mindset, which was in this case the realization that this was Cricket's character flaw. 

However, Cricket was also very stupid when it came to some things. She was a real idiot. She didn't get why Jules was mad at her for the longest time and then expected Jules to be sorry. Um, no. 

It was still pretty noticeable and it was enough for me to deduct half a star. 

Another big drawback to Cricket's character was all the slut shaming. She called her own mother a slut for having sex. Yeah, no. She had sex and thought about sex. Just because not everyone is as virginal and pure as you doesn't mean they're worth less. The most ironic thing is that later on, she says how horrible the word slut is and how it is only used to make people feel bad about themselves.

No shit.

Other then these complaints however, Cricket was a fairly likable, if often idiotic, main character.

The romance was part of the book that kept NANTUCKET BLUE from getting a full four stars from me. There are few things I hate more than people who don't understand the word no. 

Zack, the love interest, forced the main character into having sex with him even though she said no and tried to get away. Yeah, that's sure romantic. This happens all the time in literature and real life. Don't agree just because the other person says that they love you. If a guy or girl has sex with you without your consent, it is rape. This isn't a subject to be tossed under the rug or excuse because you think you love someone. 

Rape is rape, no matter how or why or when.

Other than these few, yet very, very important complaints, I actually liked the book. Quite a bit even. It was cheesy as hell but after reading WHEN WE WAKE, I felt that I needed some serious fluff. 

And fluff I got.