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Mind Games - Kiersten White

Was your favorite part of PARANORMALCY

a) the romance
b) the writing
c) the humor

I'm guessing that you chose c because that is the logical answer. PARANORMALCY was a hilarious fluffy and immature read. The book's strength was most definitely not the writing or the romance. The writing, to be honest, was pretty mediocre. The only thing that really made the book shine was its humor.

Now, imagine PARANORMALCY except with mind reading assassins, a darker tone, and without all the humor. This book be potentially really awesome if White's writing style had improved and changed for the book. Her writing remained the same, which did not fit the book at all.

The book's first draft was written in nine days. Some people it work but others... can't. The biggest drawback to the book is its absolutely horrid writing. The two POVs were written in a way that makes it feel like you'rereadingallthewordsinonespurt. One of the narrators, Fia, is especially bad about this. She's also got the attention span of a my dog.

I wish we were at a deli, eating and laughing, and feeding Chloe. I miss Chloe. I wish she were my dog and I had an alcoholic father and I were the type of girl that Adam could date and rescue and fall in love with. I wish my left arm didn't hurt so much I wanted to die, because it also means I can't tap tap tap my leg, without that fidget I don't know how to stop the thoughts and feelings flooding through me.

There is so much going on in that one paragraph that it's hard to concentrate. I know why it was written in this fashion but I felt that instead of adding to the story, it only detracted from it. It was done so poorly that it was a complete immersion breaker instead of something to improve the book as a whole. 

Fia's POV was pretty much a jumbled mix of CAPS LOCKS and run on thoughts. I spent a lot of her POVs trying to figure out what the fuck is happening. It was so confusing. There were random thoughts interrupting other thoughts and lots of uppercase for no apparent reason. 

Another immersion breaker was the fact that there was absolutely no explaining done in the book. In books, you usually know a few things like where the world is set or how it functions. But in MIND GAMES, I had no clue. 

The reader had no idea where or when this book was set. The whole concept of "powers" was confusing and I didn't quite understand it. Most of my confusion was do to the shoddy writing and fast pace of the novel. 

This became a huge problem, as I couldn't understand anything at all. I think there was this society that was out to get the school for people with powers. Fia's boyfriend - or was he her boyfriend? - had this evil dad or something. To be honest, I spent most of the book like this: 

The problem I had with the characters was that they were very underdeveloped and I felt no emotional connection to them. Fia and Annie were in constant danger, yet it didn't feel like it in the slightest. I was never actually concerned for the characters. Fia and her addictions were very contrived and lifeless and Annie was so bland that I couldn't really care about her at all.

The saddest part of all was the wasted potential. The book could have been something truly spectacular but instead, it ended up being a bar short of the mark. MIND GAMES is occasionally entertaining and it certainly kept me turning the pages. The negatives outweighed the positives however and left me with a disappointing read. I don't recommend reading and I really don't think I'll read the second book.